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Last weekend I went to Lagos, Portugal which is in the southwest part of the country.  I was totally expecting to be on the beach getting my tan on the whole time but that didn't end up happening.  We got stuck with rainy weather the whole time.  They say that Portugal gets over 3,000 hours of sun each year but that definitely wasn't the case for us!  We only got about 4 during our whole weekend there.

I started off the trip leaving Friday morning around 6 am from Granada.  This meant that I had to get up at 4:50 to take a shower and finish getting ready to get a taxi in time to our bus stop.  We then drove about 3 1/2 hours west to Sevilla to pick up more people.  I had gone with my two friends Becca and Emma and then we went with a program called Discover Granada which takes you on different trips near and around Spain.  We then went west another 3 1/2 hours to Lagos.  I was planning on passing out for the whole bus ride like I usually do but I was wide awake the whole time so I just read some books.  Once we got to Lagos it was really cold and windy.  We were going to go on a Sangria Sailboat ride but it was too cold outside for us.  So instead of doing that we went to a nearby supermarket and had a picnic in our room.  On Friday we just spent the day relaxing and being inside for a while since it was so cold out.  I had forgotten to bring jeans because I was expecting it to be a lot warmer the whole time.  Let me tell you, that was a bad idea!  That night we went out to an American Restaurant called  Rockafellas and I was able to eat some really good mac and cheese. 

                                              Becca and Emma with our picnic in our room

                                                             mac and cheese supper

On Saturday we started our day off by going to look at some cliffs right outside of Lagos.  They were so pretty by the way they were formed and I could have just sat there forever looking at them.  After that we went to the Meia Praia.  In Portugal they call the beach Praia so it's not too different than the Spanish version.  We were planning on staying on the beach for 5 hours but that didn't end up happening.  About 2 hours into our stay at the beach it started down pouring and got super windy so we ended up leaving.  So we went back to our room and warmed up for a bit.  Later that night we went to Cabo Sao Vicente which is also called "the end of the world".  It's a place where there's a bunch of cliffs and then there's a 100 foot drop to the ocean.  They call it the end of the world because that's what Europe thought it was before they knew about the Americas.  It was so pretty to see at night.  It would have been better if we could have seen the sunset but since the weather was crappy that didn't happen.  We ended up eating our leftovers from the night before and had another picnic in our room.

                                                                cliffs outside of Lagos

                                                                     Meia Praia

                                                       "the end of the world"

                                           you can see the rain falling into the ocean

Sunday was our last day in Portugal so we decided to look around Lagos instead of going surfing with some of the other people in our program.  We went to the most famous beach in Lagos called Dona Ana.  It's pretty much on all the postcards and I can see why people love it.  We spent some time there but only put our feet in the water for a couple seconds because it was so cold.  Becca and I had really wanted to go cliff jumping but again because the water was too cold that didn't happen.  Mom was sure happy about that though.  Then the weather decided it didn't want to cooperate at all and would switch between raining and sunshine every two seconds.  I swear it couldn't decide on one weather choice.  To burn some time until the others got back before we could go home we looked around the city center, bought some souvenirs, and ate at an Italian restaurant.  Then we found this cute little cafe and had some cake with whip cream and and fruit.  It was so good!  We left for Granada around 5:30 pm so we got to Sevilla at 9:30 pm and then Granada at 1:15 am with some stops along the way.  I ended up walking the whole way home from the bus stop to my house which is about 45 minutes away because I couldn't find a taxi.  I swear that as soon as you try to find a taxi they all disappear!  Overall though it was a pretty good trip and I was glad that I was at least able to visit.

                                                               Dona Ana Praia

chocolate cake dessert with fruits and whip cream

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